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Principal's Corner

Parent Involvement Plan

Cowan Elementary School

Title 1 Parent/Guardian Involvement Policy


          Within the first six weeks of school, a PTO Meeting will be held to inform parents of all services available at Cowan Elementary School including federal programs.

          A description of the Title 1 program, date and time of the system-wide Advisory Council Meeting and description of parent involvement activities will be discussed.  Parents will be invited to serve on the school’s Parent/Guardian Advisory Team.  This team will consist of at least three parents.  These parents will work with the school’s Leadership Team, which will be chosen by the principal.  The Title 1 Director/Coordinator will serve on this team.  Members of this team will represent Cowan at the system’s Title 1 Parent Advisory Council.  This team will also be responsible for revising and updating the Parent Involvement Policy.  Dates and places of meetings shall be published in the system newsletter and during the annual meeting.

          A Needs Assessment will be submitted to all parents in the fall to determine the specific needs of CES.  Activities and programs will be planned to deal with priorities noted in the assessment.  The Title 1 Director/Coordinator will help plan and organize these activities.

          A contract for the principal, parents and students will be available to improve pupil progress.

          Parent-teacher conferences will be available whenever a need is determined.  Progress reports will be sent home every three weeks to keep parents informed about academics.  Samples of children’s work will also be sent home weekly.

          Parents are invited to visit the school and observe their child’s program and performance.  All parents can make suggestions in all facets of the school program.

         Evaluations of school programs will be completed in the spring.  At this time, suggestions may be made to revise and improve the programs for the following year.

          Our school motto is “Together We Can” and the employees of CES realize the importance of collaborating and working with parents and the community for the best interest of our students.